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Ah, summer has finally arrived. It is Saturday morning and after you see your spouse off to work, you decide to take the little one out for a drive and hit a few yard sales. The baby could use a few toys, a playpen and a new highchair, the one your sister gave you is falling apart. After hitting a few sales in your Toyota Rav4, it is now well after noon and the temps are rising. You find another sale that looks promising and after you pull up you realize the baby is asleep, instead of waking her up, you decide to let her sleep in the car and leave the air on with the car running. You take a quick look around and find a few items, and as you are walking back to the car you realize you do not have your spare key in your pocket. You are locked out and your baby is locked in. Before you begin to panic, take a deep breath and call Chicago Car Keys. We can be on the scene in just a few minutes and your Rav4 unlocked in a hurry before your baby wakes up.

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24-hour Service

Emergency lockouts happen all the time and it’s agravating when you are locked out. Not to worry, it can happen to
anyone. At Chicago Car Keys we understand how frustrating a lockout can be. Take a long, deep breath, and then give us a call. We will be there before you finish the latte from the cafe across the street.

We replace keys from the following models (most 2000-2017):

*Don’t see your car? Call us at 773-521-7000 for a solution.

4 Runner
Toyota Avalon Chicago
Toyota Camry Chicago
Toyota Celica
Toyota Corolla Chicago
toyota FJ Cruiser2 - Toyota Car Keys
FJ Cruiser
Toyota Sequoia Chicago
Toyota Landcruiser Chicago
Land Cruiser
Toyota Matrix Keys Chicago
2017 chevrolet corvette - Toyota Car Keys
Toyota Prius Chicago
Toyota RAV4 Chicago
Toyota Sequoia Keys Chicago
Toyota Sienna Keys Chicago
Toyota Solara Keys Chicago
toyota Supra - Toyota Car Keys
Toyota Tacoma Chicago
Toyota Tundra Chicago

Fast Service

We supply services to your location in 30 minutes or less guaranteed. And we can service any Toyota make you may own, include the Camry, Corolla, Tundra, Highlander, RAV4. With our
superior lockout knowledge, there is no Toyota in the city we cannot unlock.

Auto Ignition Problems?

Have you ever borrowed a friend’s car? You borrow the neighbors Highlander or your
friends old Celica, perhaps you take your manager’s Sequoia  to make a
quick run at lunch. And what great luck you might have when you realize after grabbing lunch, you have
locked the keys in the car. Not only are you panicked, but highly embarrassed, you don’t want your boss to
know that you have done such a stupid thing. Well, it’s not stupid, we have all had these days and there is
a quick answer to your dilemma, just call Chicago Car Keys and we can have you back at work in no time, with a hot lunch and your boss none the wiser. Hey, at least your boss covered lunch and we provided the best lockout service in town at the best price. No harm, no foul..

Are you taking your vintage MR2 to the local car show? You take your baby to the show and set her up for viewing, you pop the hood, open the doors and give her a quick dusting. Then you slip the keys under the seat and decide to venture over to check out a few other classic models. As you stroll around, you see few onlookers admiring your
ride, but don’t think much of it. As the day ends as you go back to your baby to take her home only to
find your keys are gone.
You call Chicago Car Keys and inform them that you need a car key replacement. We are there on the spot to have your lockout situation quickly under control, and your car safe and sound once again.

While loading wood in your Tundra, you lose your keys somewhere in the
woods at your parents farm. You look all over and have no luck finding them, or you are at the grocer in
your Corolla and lose your keys somewhere in the store. You could be at the public
pool with your kids and misplace your keys to your Solara. The list goes on and on
regarding ways you could lose your keys.

They are all emergency situations. Being stranded is no fun and we understand at Chicago Car Keys how
frustrating that can be, anytime and anywhere. That is why we guarantee 24 hour service, 7 days a week.
And we will not charge you crazy prices just because you need a locksmith on the weekend or early in the
morning before the birds have begun chirping. We understand life never stops and we are available to
help you at a fair price.

Chicago Car Keys, (773) 521-7000 is available to handle your lockout needs for any Toyota
model you may own
. We take pride in our work and will deliver you piece of mind that we can
solve your lockout situation safely, no damage to your vehicle and quickly, we guarantee to be on the
site within 30 minutes. And we can provide service for remote locks, broken keys in the lock and even
car key replacements for lost keys. Please note that we do not offer towing, so if you have an extreme situation,
please call your local tow service.


Our Customer Reviews

“These guys saved my day! Lost my car keys and the doors were locked. They showed up in 15 minutes, opened the doors and made me new keys in 15 minutes. You guys are the best!”

-Jason S.

“Outstanding experience. Chicago Car Keys performed their service perfectly. They came, unlocked my truck and left, fast and easy. Highly recommended.”

-Georgiana P.

“Lost the keys to both of my cars, they showed up in 30 minutes, unlocked 1 car, made keys for both on site and in 30 minutes!! Exceptional Service!!!”

-Samual V.