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Car Key Programming

Car Key Programming and Reflashing

Car key programming ChicagoRegular occurrences such as weak batteries and water or moisture can affect the transponder key or fob programming.  If your car key or fob is not working correctly the Chicago Car Keys mobile technicians can come to you for your car key programming.  Our technicians are fully trained and have the up to date equipment needed to program keys and fobs for today’s computer oriented cars.

Car Key Reflashing

Some cars models, such as some Acura, Toyota, Lexus and Honda models can only have additional keys programmed if you have the master keys.  Should you lose the set of master keys getting them replaced by the dealer can be very expensive and will require you leaving your car at the dealer.  Key reflashing is an economical alternative.  Our trained technicians are able to open your car’s computer, locate the programming chip, hook it up to our computers and program a new master set for you quickly, and at a fair price.


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Our Customer Reviews

“These guys saved my day! Lost my car keys and the doors were locked. They showed up in 15 minutes, opened the doors and made me new keys in 15 minutes. You guys are the best!”

-Jason S.

“Outstanding experience. Chicago Car Keys performed their service perfectly. They came, unlocked my truck and left, fast and easy. Highly recommended.”

-Georgiana P.

“Lost the keys to both of my cars, they showed up in 30 minutes, unlocked 1 car, made keys for both on site and in 30 minutes!! Exceptional Service!!!”

-Samual V.