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Car Ignition Repair

Chicago Car Keys Repairs Ignitions

Ignition Repair ChicagoIs your car not starting?  Does the key does not seem to be connecting?  Is your key stuck in the ignition?  Does the key go in but doesn’t turn?  Sometimes a key can become worn, or the transponder malfunctions and is not able to communicate with the car computer.  Something, even a key, can become stuck in the ignition, resulting in a car that doesn’t start.  Don’t try to remove a jammed key, you might cause more damage to the ignition and end up needing a more expensive replacement rather than a simple repair.  Our technicians are trained in a wide variety of car ignition issues, and we say you the tow truck cost by coming to you.

Your car’s ignition is an important and complicated part of your car, don’t risk further damage and expense by allowing an inexperienced budding DIYer fiddle with it.  Call the professionals to ensure proper and guaranteed repairs.  We have the latest training and technology and we will fix your ignition, reasonably priced and quickly.

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“These guys saved my day! Lost my car keys and the doors were locked. They showed up in 15 minutes, opened the doors and made me new keys in 15 minutes. You guys are the best!”

-Jason S.

“Outstanding experience. Chicago Car Keys performed their service perfectly. They came, unlocked my truck and left, fast and easy. Highly recommended.”

-Georgiana P.

“Lost the keys to both of my cars, they showed up in 30 minutes, unlocked 1 car, made keys for both on site and in 30 minutes!! Exceptional Service!!!”

-Samual V.