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If you’ve lost your car keys, Chicago Car Keys can make brand new keys for your vehicle. Simply call us, let us know your location, and we’ll come straight to you. You will need to provide your 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number, proving your identity, and we will provide rekeying services on-site, within minutes.
This matters if your car is in a locked space or not. If your car is secure in an area – like a garage – that is not accessible to the general public, it may be alright to leave it unlocked for the time being. However, if your car is exposed, the cost of getting new keys made is much cheaper than the potential theft cost. If your car is on the street or easily accessible to the public, it may be smart to lock it.
The immobilizer system of modern vehicles searches for a unique electronic signature that’s transmitted from a device inside the key head – the transponder trip. If an incorrect code from the transponder – or no code – is recognized by the car immobilizer, the vehicle will not start. Transponder keys need to be programmed to recognize the specific digital signature of the car immobilizer.
Your old keys will not work with your vehicle – The immobilizer code has been reset, rendering your older keys unworkable with your vehicle. However, it may be worth holding on to these keys as spare keys as they can also be reprogrammed to fit your car’s new code.
Going to a car dealer is essentially an extra, and unnecessary step. Usually, dealerships call services like ours when all keys are lost, and outsource the copying labor for us – while continuing to charge customers a premium. By working with us directly, you eliminate the middleman, save yourself tow truck charges, and a great deal of money.
This depends on the variable details of your situation. When you call us and describe your needs, we will provide a stable, non-changing price estimate. All of our services are competitively priced – you won’t find a better deal anywhere!!
The technology in car keys has become quite sophisticated to make theft much for difficult. The result is that without the proper knowledge and equipment key replacement is impossible. Only licensed locksmiths have the necessary codes and equipment for programming your key.
In a majority of the cases, keys can be made on site in less than 30 minutes, depending on the level of complexity of the key and the transponder system.
Here are a few reasons why your key does not turn the ignition lock. The lock cylinder might be filled with dirt, grime, debris, or other items that are clogging the cylinder. When the ignition lock cylinder is filled with matter the tumblers will not move well inside the cylinder lock. This prevents the tumblers from getting to a flat position to allow the cylinder turn in the lock. One or more of the tumblers get stuck and make it difficult to turn the key.
A bent key or jammed spring inside the cylinder lock can also prevent the ignition from turning. When a key is bent or is too old, the tumblers no longer align correctly inside the cylinder. The tumblers do not meet the teeth on the key and that does not allow the key to turn the lock.
If you break your key off in your ignition or door lock and you have the pieces you should keep them as it will be easier to make a new key if you bring those parts to an auto key locksmith, lowering your costs. If the key pieces are still in the lock, do not try to extract the key yourself – it may cause damage the lock cylinder which is a more expensive fix. Call your local auto locksmith to remove the piece safely without creating additional damage and cost.

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“These guys saved my day! Lost my car keys and the doors were locked. They showed up in 15 minutes, opened the doors and made me new keys in 15 minutes. You guys are the best!”

-Jason S.

“Outstanding experience. Chicago Car Keys performed their service perfectly. They came, unlocked my truck and left, fast and easy. Highly recommended.”

-Georgiana P.

“Lost the keys to both of my cars, they showed up in 30 minutes, unlocked 1 car, made keys for both on site and in 30 minutes!! Exceptional Service!!!”

-Samual V.