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chicago spare car keys

The Backup Spare Car Key Of items that people may lose or misplace, car keys probably rank high on the list.  Consequently, having a spare car key is more of a necessity than a luxury. But where should you hide…

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locked out

Locked out Many people lead busy, often hectic lives, which make it a bit hard to keep track of everything.  While distracted in this fast-paced world, you may find your car key inside your car and yourself locked out!  What…

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coolest car keys

Automotive manufacturers do their best to stand out from the competition, including coming up with the coolest car keys!  Some of these cool car key just might test the skills of an auto locksmith. Car keys have come a long…

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innovative car keys

Are the Days of Car Keys Numbered? With the rapid rate the automotive industry is advancing, there is no wonder that avant-garde innovations are gradually replacing older creations, such as car keys. A few vehicles already feature replacements to key…

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Chicago smart key

Continuous Evolution Car keys have evolved drastically over the years.  From the mechanically cut metal key to mobile apps, the progress of car keys is, indeed, astonishing.  Today we have many options, including the smart key. Being only a few…

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“These guys saved my day! Lost my car keys and the doors were locked. They showed up in 15 minutes, opened the doors and made me new keys in 15 minutes. You guys are the best!”

-Jason S.

“Outstanding experience. Chicago Car Keys performed their service perfectly. They came, unlocked my truck and left, fast and easy. Highly recommended.”

-Georgiana P.

“Lost the keys to both of my cars, they showed up in 30 minutes, unlocked 1 car, made keys for both on site and in 30 minutes!! Exceptional Service!!!”

-Samual V.